Thursday, 27 October 2016

Autumn 1 Week 7

This week we have had great fun reading the story of 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. We loved joining in with the repeated lines and thought the baby owls were very cute! We discussed if we were scared of the dark and what other fears we had. We also talked about if we had ever lost our Mummy, or what we would do if we did lose her!

In literacy we talked about the story in small groups and used pictures to order the story, it was amazing how much we had remembered and we would love to tell you the story again at home! In phonics we consolidated our phase 2 sounds and we are all getting really good at sounding out and blending. We also practiced writing the letter 'o' cursively, which was a bit tricky, but we are getting good at it now and we would enjoy to practice this at home too.

In maths we went for a shape hunt around school. It's amazing how many shapes their are around the building. I wonder, how many shapes are in your home? Maybe you could find some and take some photographs to bring in!

This week we also got messy making our very own owl cookies. It was very exciting to see how the ingredients could all be mixed together and changed into dough, and then change again when they went in the oven! We had great fun decorating them too!

We hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday. :)

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  1. Malik found shapes at hope i will send it through class dojo to show the class