Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Autumn 1 Week 8

Although this week has been a short week in school we have had some exciting adventures. On Monday Giraffe and Zebra classes went on the bus to the Museum of Islamic Art. Here we were shown different types of pottery with a focus on Turkish pottery and how the colours can help us identify this. We really enjoyed going through the Museum and seeing the various types of pottery that are on display here. After this we took part in a workshop designing our own flowers and vases. We were very creative and used to our imaginations to design very individual pieces of art work.

After all our hard work we were very hungry and thirsty. We really enjoyed our outdoor picnic in the shade to rejuvenate ourselves. We had a little surprise visit to the playground where we enjoyed exploring the different activities. We then returned to the bus, where we were very tired and took advantage of the rest on the bus.

International day took place on Tuesday where each class completed activities about our chosen countries. It was very exciting completing each of the activities, wait until you see what we have to bring home. We particularly enjoyed sampling all the food varieties that our classmates brought in. We really tried to be adventurous tasting foods we'd never eaten before. Thank you to everyone for making this such an enjoyable day.

We are very ready for our half term to relax and recuperate our energies for all our hard work next term. We hope you all enjoy your holiday.