Thursday, 17 November 2016

Autumn 2 Week 2

We are really enjoying our 'Under the Sea' theme where this week we were focusing on the life cycle of the turtle. We watched a video that was really interesting, showing us the huge amount of sea turtles that hatched from the eggs in the sand and how they all made their way to the sea.We have been working very hard on developing our blending skills using words from Phase 2 along with identifying sounds within words that we can write on our whiteboards. We are having great fun using our feet and magic fingers to spell the words, which enables us to use both sides of our brain.

In Maths we are learning about adding two sets of objects to see how many we have altogether. It is very exciting to see how we are developing our number knowledge each week. We particularly enjoyed our 'Men and Maths' day in our class. We demonstrated all the skills we have been working on; counting, adding two sets, adding one more, sorting according to colour and category and completing patterns using the peg boards. We are very clever boys and girls in Giraffe and Zebra class.
It was so much fun watching The Gruffalo in the Gym Hall, which magically turned into a cinema! The tasty popcorn and juice was a such a nice treat too. Thank you to everyone who helped organise all these events for us.
We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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