Thursday, 19 January 2017

Spring 1 Week 3

We had another exciting week in Reception where we learned all about Chinese New Year. We read different stories about the festival and looked at various photos to give us an insight as to how it is celebrated. We made some lovely decorations for our classrooms and we even got to taste Chinese dumplings. This is a time for good luck and sending best wishes to everyone. The children created their own wishes for what they would like in their lives.

We have been practicing our Dough disco and Squiggle while you wiggle every day. We can really see how doing these movements daily are strengthening our muscles. This is helping us with a variety of activities but especially with our mark making.

We had lots of fun at our bagpipe workshop today. It was very interesting to hear the most unusual sounds it makes but also what beautiful music it can play. It was fascinating to hear where it originated from and the similarities with other instruments.

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