Thursday, 9 March 2017

Spring 2 Week 3

This week we read the story of The Little Red Hen and we found it very sad that the Hen's friends wouldn't help her. We discussed who we could ask for help if we needed it and how we can help our friends in school. Some of the children didn't like this story because the friends weren't helpful. We discussed how to be a kind friend on the playground, how to include everyone and how we are all friends in this school.

As this story is about making bread, we made our own and brought it home to bake it. We really enjoyed the bread making process and seeing how the ingredients changed to make the dough. We hope you liked it!

We have been working hard on developing our independent phonic skills to help with our writing. We are thinking of the sounds in words and writing them ourselves. We have also begun practicing the correct letter formation in cursive for a, c, o, d, g, q. Next week we are focusing on e, f, s.

Hope you all have a wonderful, restful weekend and enjoy the return of the sunshine!

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