Thursday, 18 May 2017

Summer 1 Week 4

It has been another very busy and exciting week in Reception this week. We started the week by making cheese sandwiches. This involved following instructions very carefully. They were super yummy and we all ate them all up!

After making the sandwiches we had a go at writing our own instructions. For this we had to think carefully about the steps we needed to take to make the sandwiches and then write sentences explaining these.

Today we had a very exciting trip over to the Al Meera supermarket. During our visit we were able to look at all the different foods and talk to the staff about where they come from. We found this very interesting. After our look around the shop we went an selected our own fruit to buy. This was so exciting, we felt like grown ups! We had to have our fruit weighed and then pay for it at the checkout using our money.

Today we were also lucky enough to visit the bake sale in school. Today has been a delicious day!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy eating your purchases!

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